These are the real homes of real people living in The Jungle, a refugee camp in Calais, Northern France. We've listed them on Airbnb so that you can book a night in one before they're destroyed by the French government. Our aims are to raise awareness of the terrible conditions and raise funds for Help Refugees.

Important: The situation in The Jungle is so abysmal and so dangerous that of course you can't stay in the shelter you book. It wouldn't be safe or enjoyable. The money from your booking will simply be donated to Help Refugees.


Nearly 6000 people live in The Jungle refugee camp. They come from many different countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Eritrea, Iraq, Albania, Senegal, Kurdistan, Libya and Ethiopia with the biggest communities often being those from East Africa and Afghanistan. Most are fleeing wars and persecution. All are desperate.

Conditions in the camp are beyond terrible with rats and cockroaches running riot throughout the makeshift tents and shelters, e.coli and faeces found in water sources and inhabitants including women and children, suffering from TB, scabies, post traumatic stress and many other illnesses. Dozens of people have died in these slum conditions where the only source of food or clean water is charity handouts.

To make matters worse, French police are aggressively knocking down shelters to clear sections of the camp, leaving the refugees with nowhere to go. It’s a particularly lethal cocktail of a situation, especially considering the particularly harsh winter inhabitants have had to endure. You can donate and help just by booking a night in a Jungle shelter on Airbnb.