We have listed the real homes of real refugees in Calais, France, on Airbnb to drive awareness of the dire situation and to raise much-needed funds. We’re inviting people to “book” one of the homes before they’re destroyed by the French police and we will donate all proceeds to the Help Refugees charity.

Several temporary shelters erected by refugees in “The Jungle” camp, Calais, have been listed on Airbnb by London creatives Jason Scott and Joris Philippart to highlight the abysmal living conditions and the fact that they’re being destroyed by the French police. Conditions in The Jungle are so abysmal and dangerous that of course you can't actually stay in the home, but by booking you are agreeing to donate the price of a night in a home to the charity. The duo are in no way affiliated with Airbnb or Help Refugees. They’re just two guys trying to raise money for a good cause.

With nearly 6000 people living in The Jungle, conditions are terrible with rats and cockroaches running riot throughout the makeshift tents and shelters, e.coli and faeces found in water sources and inhabitants including hundreds of women and children, suffering from TB, scabies, post traumatic stress and many other illnesses. To make matters worse, French police are aggressively knocking down shelters to clear sections of the camp, leaving the refugees with nowhere to go. It’s a lethal cocktail of a situation, especially considering the particularly harsh winter inhabitants had to endure.

Jason and Joris hope that the contrast of the terrible accommodation against the usually idyllic photos of holiday apartments and rooms on Airbnb will force people to take note of the situation and make them donate by booking a night there. It’s a very simple mechanic that they hope will have a big impact.


“Our friend Charlie Richardson was volunteering in the jungle and the pictures he took were extremely disturbing. They show appalling living conditions that couldn’t be further from an Airbnb holiday home, and we think the contrast is very powerful, which is why we chose the site to showcase them. Worst of all is that the French riot police regularly turn up to clear the camp, destroy the homes and communities, start fires and forcibly evict people. We’re so used to seeing this sort of thing on the news that we forget that these are real people, just like us, who want a better life. So we decided to use Charlie’s pictures to re-frame them and raise awareness and donations.” Jason Scott

“We hope that the simple mechanic of booking the accommodation through Airbnb to donate will make it easier for people to give to the Help Refugees charity. We’re listing the homes at several different price points so there's several options and our aim is to have them all booked up for the next year.” Joris Philippart

“The French state has not recognised this as a crisis or provided adequate facilities for the amount of people here, therefore they live in destitute conditions. Now the french state has ordered an eviction, which is pretty mean, since they have not provided enough options for people, they have done so in the middle of winter, and they are reducing the social support people can have by destroying a community. It’s only the donations of concerned people that have helped the conditions and hopefully this idea will lead to more donations.” Charlie Richardson

As stated, all you have to do to donate is visit any one of the Airbnb listings in The Jungle and book as many nights as you want in the accommodation. The money from every booking will go directly to Help Refugees where it will be used to help refugees at a grassroots level in the Jungle.

Help Refugees help the most vulnerable people currently reaching Europe's shore by supporting local groups, charities and volunteers who are at the front lines, carrying out life changing work in difficult circumstances. They are working everywhere where Governments and NGOs cannot be. Unconstrained by red tape, politics and bureaucracy, they act fast to change lives. Your donations go directly to the people who need it most.

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